Dear Edison Bonilla,

How are you? Thanks a lot for your mail and your trust on us.

I noted that you are interested in our products with item BL-88, I think you got the size and specifications from the details from ALIBABA.The price of it is enclosed. Please check. As usual,we use the T/T as payment.And our minimum order quantity is 1000pieces.We separately enclosed our full e-catalogue.

Please feel free to ask me,if you have any more question./I kook forward to hearing from you. / I can send samples to you, if you reply to me/I can do for you some special samples, if you reply to me  /


Star Cheng 


Company: Shenzhen Qkie Electronic CO., LTD


Add:5/f,Building A,Xixiang haoye Technology park,Fuyong Town,Baoan District,ShenZhen City,China

Tel: 86-755-2751 2960

Cel:+86 13249854876

Fax: 86-755-2751 6546  





Dear Sir or Madam:

A few months ago we had the opportunity to see a display of your productds at the Guangzhou International Trade  Center ,and we were most impressed by the quaity and low prices.

We should like to offer you our service as a trading firm ,and would mention that we are experienced importers of our country ,and are enjoying a good reputation all over the world.

In addition ,we operate our own advertising agency ,and we can use the latest marketing procedures quite efficiently.You will be sure of your sales if you would allow us to promote sales of your products througout China .

Your early reply will be highly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

1.     we are one of the largest importers of ….in…and shall be pleased to establish business relations with you.

2.     we enclose a copy of our catalogue for your reference and hope that you would contact us if any item is of interest to you.

3.     we ,therfore,take pleasure in informing you that we are an enterprise manufacturing shirts.开发信

4.     the products manufactured here have been proved by a scrupulous test to be sound.严格的质检认证

5.     Enclosed are a brochure and a copy of our price list to give you a general idea of our products available.寄手册

6.     We are sending you separately our pattern-book with the price list.随函附寄

7.We are confident that you can do some profitable business.相信贵方可以获利。

8.We would like to enter into direct business relations with you on the basis of equality ,mutual benefit and exchange what one has for what one need.平等互利的基础上

9.don t remember to tell you then Mexican market is very competitive 市场竞争激烈

10. The designs and colors of all products will almost exactly match your needs询问详细信息



1.          We want you pack the tins in cartons ,each containing 12 tins,separated by corrugated paper dividers.

2.          We trust that you will give special care to the parking in order to avoid damage in transit.

3.          Each case should be marked with the following: name of the commodity, quantity, country of origin, etc.

4.          We can do exactly according to your packing instructions.


1>Dear Sir or Madam:

We are writing to refer you to our letter dated Jan 11,2004, in which we confirmed the acceptance of your order NO .309.In that letter,we promised that the shipment would be made by the end of March subject to your L/C reaching here by the end of January.

However until now we haven’t received your L/C.Would you please promptly instruct your banker to open an irrevocable L/C at sight in our favor without further delay so that we can arrange for prompt shipment?If your L/C cant reach us within 10 days ,we are afraid that we may be able to ship the order as instructed.

We are looking forward to receiving your early reply.

2>Dear Sir or Madam:

I have received your letter to tell you that I have today through the National Bank established the confirmed,irrevocable Letter of Credit NO.778 in your favor for the amount of Euro 62,000 payable by sight draft accompanied by a full set of the shipping documents.



Hi Mike,
Samples received and already passed to vendor. The material was PP, not ABS. Offer sheet is preparing and will be sent to you soon.
By the way, raw material increased these days, pls make a decision quickly to go ahead after price confirmed. We'll arrange the mass production asap.
Thanks and best regards,

4.开发信RE:the SECRET how to reduce mouse cost



Good day.Shenzhen Qkie electronic technology Co.,ltd trading here, exporting  MOUSE / KEYBOARD with good quality and low price in US.

We are pleased to enclose you our ENTERPRISE CULTURE,pls kindly check.
Call me, let's talk details.



Company: Shenzhen Qkie Electronic CO., LTD


Add:5/f,Building A,Xixiang haoye Technology park,Fuyong Town,Baoan District,ShenZhen City,China

Tel: 86-755-2751 2960

Cel:+86 13249854876

Fax: 86-755-2751 6546  




I am glad to know that you are one of the largest importers in ***, which is within the scope of our business.


We are interested in all your products, could you please send us more information and samples about your products and price list?


Dear Sir/Madam,
Thanks for your inquiry at www.***.com. We are professional supplier for ***(产品名)at competitive price, located in*** 贴上几张公司的图片 ,验货间、样品间、生产线等图片. Here is the attachment with some pictures of our products that may suit your requirements, for more, please check our website***, and select the products that you’re interested in.
We have great interest in developing business with you, Could you have any inquiries or comments, we would be glad to talk in details through MSN:***/mails or any way you like.


Dear Sir/Madam,
Thanks for your enquiry via Alibaba.com. There are too many references on our website (***), could you please review and precise us your interested products ? We could send you price list accordingly.
Here I would like to show you some popular products as below, which are sold very well for other customers.


We are mainly engaged in mice,keyboards and sound products and our products sell well in Europe,Amerca,Africa and Asia. We conduct strict quality inspections over each batch/product.We will try our best to you and hope to become one of your friends and business partners.

As a professional ***(产品名) supplier located in ***(公司地址), our products have been exported to ***(出口国别或地区) because of high quality and competitive price.
贴上几张公司的图片 ,验货间、样品间、生产线等图片
We are sincerely looking forward to have business with you. Welcome to discuss for details via MSN: ***, mail:*** or ***.


I receive more than 10 offers every day and it will take me some times to look into each and every offers. I will contact you in the future if you are in our selection of companies. Many thanks for your co-operation


Thanks for your reply, I have received your quote and I am currently looking through all of the quotations that I have received. Currently your prices aren’t the best but your products are very good. If you could make your prices more competitive I am sure we would be putting an order in with you very soon.



As each day we have so many samples to send, it won't be a small amount. So our company have the rules that the freight and sample cost should be paid by our customer.And once we receive your order, we'll return this money to you. I hope you can undertand us and it'll be muchappreciated if you can tell us your courier account just like Fedex,DHL,UPS etc”



Hi Rudy ,

Good day. After our discution ,you will enjoy 31.3RMB/pcs.I will give you some rensons,first,each step of our products manufacture through strict inspection as you see.Second,everyone said "our product with highly quality lowest price" ,i just like to say our quality and price attest via our action. Last ,the RMB is rising ,as you know.RMB revaluation would clearly have the oppsite effect.

We believe in long-term cooperation with US because we view the future as bright.



Dear ,

Thank you so much for your reply mail as bellow.

1.     pls kindly check the attached PDF catalogue for our factory and offices.

2.     I showed you the photos for our project we have done.I hope you will have confidence for our factory and our ability for producing.

3.     Yes I believe that you got cheaper price for BL-2600.And I know that there must be cheaper and higher price than mine.Foe mouse,the material of***are the main reason for the price difference.I noted the material every part in the mouse photo,you will know the renson.As you have talked about it with me,after i calculation,I could make a step by final price USD3.5

Dear **,I hope we there would be good cooperation between us,not this order,but more and more chances.So I know the importance of price and service.

You are warmly welcome to visit our factory ,I bet that you will satisfy with us price,quality and ability.




New arrival mouse BL-1500/Shenzhen Qkie Co.,Ltd

How are you?

New arrival products NO:BL-1500.With fashion pannel design.Enclosed  is our  enterprise culture with lively picture.




Dear Peter,

Have you received my mail on ***regarding the quotation for MD8725 you required? Anyhow, I send you again for reminding.



Dear peter,

Now I am here writing to you wish everything well with you and your esteemed company.

I got info from DHL feedback that you have got our sample dated **

I hope it is good for your testing and study.

Any comments by return will be much appreciated. It will be our big pleasure if we have opportunities to be on service of you in near future.

Looking forward to your prompt response.

Thanks and best regards




Due to rising price in the world-wide market,after this month,we will increase our price about 5%.Since you are a valued customer of long standing,we wish to give you the opportunity to beat the price increase by ordering now at the current prices.As I know your order circle,now the time it is.

If your order this time is 2containers,we will provide you additional 2% discount for support and will be big advantage than your competitors.

We look forward to your early reply.



How are you? Hope everything is ok with you.

Now we are writing for keeping in touch with you for further business.If any new inquiry,welcome here and wee will try our best to satisfy you well with competitive price as per your request.

By the way,how about your order with item 106?Hope there would be any opportunity to cooperate with each other.



Dear Mr. Sawyer,

Good morning! Hope you have got a wonderful weekend!

For several days no news from you, my friend. Now I am writing for reminding you about our offer for item of **** dated ** ** ** according to your relative inquiry. Have you got  the prices or not?

Any comments by return will be much appreciated. It will be our big pleasure if we have opportunities to be on service of you in near future.

Your reply is highly appreciated!

Thanks and best regards,





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